German Saturday School is not just about lessons. For many parents this is their Saturday morning social. While some catch up with their friends over a cup of tea, others might meet up for book club or sing in the choir (or both). Or have a good browse through our DVD lending library.

All of the above are parent initiatives and parents are the heart and soul of our events, parties and regular clubs. We work together to create a stimulating school environment in which our children, teenagers and adult learners can 'absorb' the German language in and out of the class room.

Cultural traditions come alive when we get together for events such as the annual lantern walk, Advent or Carnival and when we sing traditional songs during our morning song circle. Through these initiatives we hope to build a friendly and supportive school community, a place where learners can thrive and friendships can grow.


We start our Saturday mornings with a singing circle to encourage our families to make the transition to the German speaking environment. More.


For families with younger children we provide a Krabbelgruppe, an informal toddler group, from 10:30h to 11:15h. Parents and their children meet for German nursery songs, free play and a chat.

DVD lending library

Watching films in German is a great way to improve language skills. We have a large collection of films for young and old to borrow, with some real gems. And don't be shy about speaking to the DVD volunteers, they are very knowledgeable about their collection.

Special events

As a school community we take pride in our special events and parties. Be it Carnival or the Summer Party, 'professions day' or lantern walking, every term has its highlights. This year we also commemorated the Fall of the Berlin Wall with parents who witnessed this historic event 30 years ago.

Parent choir

The Islington Meistersingers are school parents who love to sing. Rehearsals take place in the upstairs hall while the children are in class. They sing for us at our school events and also have a busy schedule outside of school. No auditions. More

Book Club

Next books: Frau Sartoris by Elke Schmitter, and Fliehkräfte by Stephan Thome.

More about the book club.


"Deutsche Samstagsschule Islington" and "German Saturday School Islington" are the trading names of The German Saturday School. A non-profit company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales No. 7487272. School directors: Cathrin Cordes, Natalie Denby & Anja Berger

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