Our Approach

We encourage a friendly atmosphere. Children have been going to school all week and German school should be something special for them. In the younger classes there is a strong emphasis on play. Reading, writing and grammar are introduced gradually and, eventually, the children are ready and equipped to take GCSE- and A-level exams in the older classes.

There are several parent initiatives, including a DVD lending library and a book club. Parents can also join on our Facebook group.

Non-German-speaking parents can join one of our adult classes (from beginners to advanced) and the children usually love the idea of a parent going to school at the same time as them.

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We support our students in their effort to become as close as possible to native German speakers. They will also learn about the culture and traditions of German speaking countries.

Our lantern walks, Christmas & Carnival celebrations, and our summer party are events for the whole family.

DSSI in the news
Deutsche Samstagsschule Islington features in the ZDF Auslandsjournal on 16-01-2019:


(ca. 5'30- 8'10)

ZDF visits the School in 2016:


And an old gem for the FIFA World Cup 2010: Todo Alemán @ German Saturday School Islington: