Learning resources


As parents and carers, we have the greatest influence on a child's developing language skills: reading bedtime stories in German, calling relations in Germany, showing German-language films, or even having a phone call with a friend while the children are nearby - these are all valuable ways of helping a child develop their German. 

Below we have collected a number of online resources that may help to keep 'home German' varied and interesting. Some of these are usually payable but currently free of charge.

Coronavirus initiatives

Resources that are currently being

offered free of charge:


Mildenberger Verlag: reading materials

for preschool and primary level


Cornelsen: online reading support for primary level (3 months free)


Audible: books in German

Ideas for younger children

WDR: Der kleine blaue Elefant

KiGa: Ideas for parents​

WDR: more children's programmes 

ZDF for children: zdf.de/kinder

NDR Märchen in leichter Sprache

Es war einmal der Mensch (YouTube)

Einfach Vorlesen (stories for young children)

Pixi Wissen (information programme for young children, on YouTube)

Intermediate learners

Anton Lern-App: https://anton.app/de/

(follows curriculum in Germany, classes 1-10)

WDR: Die Sendung mit der Maus (daily

episodes and more)

ZDF: Logo, die Kindernachrichten  (news for children)


NDR radio for children: Mikado

Planetschule: Filme für die Grundschule

Geolino Magazin (texts and podcasts)



Was ist Was: https://www.wasistwas.de/home.html


Checker Welt (incl. Coronavirus Vlog for children, Bayerischer Rundfunk)

WDR Neuneinhalb news reports for children

Mauswiesel (Bildung Hessen)

Bayerischer Rundfunk home learning

Music for learning German

Songs for younger children (YouTube)

Martina's Musik Mosaik (Martina Schwarz)

A series with the Hueber Verlag for learning German at home, on YouTube


Goethe Institut, German Pop on Spotify 


Deine Freunde on YouTube

More advanced learners







A large variety of German programmes can be found in the ARD Mediathek: