Reception to A-level

In the beginning there was an informal German toddler group in a church hall in Highbury. By 1998 we had outgrown this setting and so we moved to our current premises at Drayton Park Primary School, where we started off with around 25 children in three classes.

The German Saturday School Islington now teaches nearly 200 children and teenagers in 13 classes, starting with reception age children and leading up to GCSE and A-level preparation.​ We also offer German classes for parents and a Summer School.

Make it fun

We aim to support our children - who are growing up with more than one language here in London - to become as close as possible to native German speakers. We think languages are cool and open many doors!

Native speakers
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All our teachers are native German speakers and, apart from teaching German, many bring professional skills to the classroom such as art and music. Others also work as teachers during the week. All teachers are DBS checked.

Please send us your contact details and your children's birth dates if you would like to sign them up. We do have a long waiting list due to a large catchment area, loyal families and many siblings.

Notice board

We are looking forward to seeing our students on Saturday, well equipped with pencil cases and snacks & drinks. We also kindly ask all adults to wear masks in the playground during drop-off and collection time. Many thanks for your continued cooperation!


"Deutsche Samstagsschule Islington" and "German Saturday School Islington" are the trading names of The German Saturday School. A non-profit company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales No. 7487272. School directors: Cathrin Cordes, Natalie Denby & Anja Berger

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