Singkreis 10:20-10:30h

Every Saturday morning we kick off with a singing circle to signal the transition to the German speaking environment. Petra and Christine, who lead the singing, encourage everyone to join in  with actions, percussion instruments and canons.


The first song is always 'Hey hey hallo, die Schule fängt an!' by Martina Schwarz. Martina is a composer-songwriter who worked at our Saturday School for more than 10 years. We are always happy to have her back on special occasions such as lantern walk, carneval and summer school. More about Martina's music and her “Learn German with Songs” appraoch:


With other songs we tune into the seasons or highlight particular activities or a favourite character such as Pipi Longstocking or Maja the Bee. We find that Singkreis really helps to motivate and focus the younger children before they go on to their class rooms with their teachers, and hopefully the older students pick up the vibes when they pass by.