Policies and procedures

COVID-19 Procedures: Guidance for Parents/Carers

We are confident that we have systems in place for reducing Covid-19 transmission risk as much as we can. Below you will find a list of things we need to ask you to do to support this effort. This is really important for the protection of our children and the whole community, and our ability to stay open will depend on everyone following the guidance. Please read this carefully and sign the form to confirm you have done so.

SUMMARY OF MAIN POINTS (see below for full details)

- There are drop off and collection procedures in place.
- Some of the classes have new timings.
- Personal equipment for each child is essential.

Your child must not attend Saturday School if they or any member of their household display symptoms of Coronavirus, are awaiting test results or are self-isolating for any Coronavirus related reason.

You must inform us if your child’s non-attendance is due to any of the above, so that tracing and quarantining procedures can be followed by Saturday School.

If a child falls ill with symptoms of Coronavirus while at Saturday School, they will be isolated and the parent/carer asked to pick them up immediately.

As a precaution, please also keep your children at home if they are displaying symptoms of a ‘normal’ cough or cold or raised temperature. This is because of the difficulty of distinguishing this from a case of coronavirus.

Drop Off / Collection
Adults are no longer allowed to enter the school building until further notice. This is in line with government guidance and Drayton Park requirements. All children need to be dropped off and collected. Drop off and collection times will be staggered to allow for social distancing and to enable children to remain in a class bubble while at Saturday School. Please be punctual as the drop off and collection procedures and therefore everyone’s well-being relies on prompt turnaround.

Please see the detailed schedule of drop and collection points and times which we will send once we have confirmed the student allocation for each class group. Break times will also be staggered to protect the class bubbles.

Please remain socially distanced while waiting to drop off or collect your child and allow extra time for drop off and collection. Please leave the playground promptly and do not gather in groups.

Only one adult should accompany the child to ensure social distancing can be more easily adhered to.

Please ensure Saturday School has a mobile number for the person dropping off and collecting your child and that all your contact details are up to date for track and trace purposes.

Please observe current government guidelines on safer travel as far as possible and avoid using public transport to Saturday School.

Personal Equipment
Children need to bring their own equipment to Saturday School as resources can no longer be shared between children. This includes for all classes a pencil case with age appropriate equipment such as pencil, eraser, scissors, glue stick and colouring pencils, a water bottle and a snack for breaktime if desired.  

Please do not bring any toys or other items from home as these could transmit infection or as the children may find it challenging not to share these.

Ensure your child wears clean clothes that have not been worn in any other group setting.

Protective Face Coverings
All children from Year 7 onwards (11 years) should wear a protective face covering when in corridors and other common areas of the school building, unless they are exempt. Younger children can also wear face coverings in these areas if they wish. Wearing of face coverings in the classrooms during lesson time is optional.

General Covid-19 Safety
The school building and all classrooms will be deep cleaned before our arrival. Ensure your child is familiar with good respiratory and hand cleaning routine, as they apply in any school or out of school setting.

Alternative Lesson Arrangements
There will be alternative arrangements in place in case of local lockdowns or restrictions on live teaching or if a class bubble has to isolate. Depending on the age of the children, these will consist of materials sent to families or online lessons.